Thoughts on Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 "Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins" Special Program

August 24, 2023


Just like clockwork, another video to talk about the patch for Honkai: Star Rail. There will be new game stories, characters, events, and lots more that will be talked about in this video. The special program video dives deep into the exciting features of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3.

If you do not know what Honkai: Star Rail is, it is a role-playing gacha game that has similar combat to older Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Current one of my favorite games from miHoYo as I like the story much better than Genshin Impact.

Video Introduction

The program starts off with a dialog between Sushang and Fu Xuan doing a comedy skit. This was entertaining seeing Fu Xuan making Sushang memorize terms for the rest of the special.

Then the trailer video, which starts right off the bat shows the after-effects of the last story in Topclouded Towerthrust. Just watching them see off the dead gives off a sense of sadness. Most of all seeing Yukong. After that, it starts to show off Fu Xuan which I eagerly await for her rolls on her banner. Which makes her look badass as she talks out the enemies. The next part of the trailer shows off Dan Heng in his Imbibitor Lunae form showcasing all his moves. Now an event that will be fun to play that involves Simulated Universe, Herta, and Screwllum which is named Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster. During this part, they also showed off another new character named Lynx.


Out of the three characters, Fu Xuan is probably the one I look forward to the most. Next was Lynx as she is a healer but I lucked out this week and pulled Bailu the need for me to have another healer is not as important. Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae is interesting but I am going to just focus on the Fu Xuan banner as I stated before it would be better to just focus on one banner than to try to risk it on multiple if you do not have enough rolls saved up.

If you played the last patch's story the Topclouded Towerthrust you will know that Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae played an important role in it along with Fu Xuan. However, Dan Heng's true power was not shown until then unlike Fu Xuan helping the main character along the way.

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae would be very useful as he does do Imaginary Damage. His skill powers up his basic ability at the cost of skill points. This can be done up to three times which makes it unique in a game so far as Blade does it once but also Dan Heng can make his attack AOE with this. Dan Heng also has a way to remove the cost of skill points in his kit after using his ultimate ability. His ultimate ability does do AOE damage also.

Fu Xuan in Special Program for Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins

Next up is Fu Xuan which is a mitigation tank that deals Quantum damage. After using the Fu Xuan skill she absorbs parts of the damage her allies take along with increasing allies' max hp and hit rate. Which is very useful. Fu Xuan's talent also reduces the amount of damage everyone takes overall and if she gets low she can recover her own HP. For her ultimate, she does Quantum AOE damage along with increasing the rate she can self-heal with her passive talent. She also has an interesting technique that gives her a shield off the field which she can get hit by the enemy without going into battle. So overall, I would pick her because of how useful she will be along with I like her as a character.

Lynx in Special Program for Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins

Last of all Lynx is a new healer character that does Quantum damage. Her healing skill heals a character along with increasing their max HP and if the character follows the following paths of Destruction or Preservation they get a bonus in getting targeted by enemies. Overall this is very useful if comps that have a character of Destruction or Preservation require to be hit. Her ultimate is also useful as it dispels one debuff and heals all allies. Then there is her talent that gives healing over time. So over all this will be a good healer character when she comes out. This character has not been seen before in the game unlike Fu Xuan and Dan Heng so she will expand the game lore with this addition.

Overall I am going to luck out this patch as Fu Xuan is in the second half of the patch and she also has Lynx in her banner. So I will have time to save for her. Both Fu Xuan and Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae will require the new ascension materials that will be added to this patch.


In this patch, there will be the epilogue of this arc along with four new companion missions. I think the biggest thing to see in the epilogue is to see how everyone sees what they have lost and how they will rebuild in the aftermath. As I mentioned before I am very interested in seeing what people will say about Tingyun which includes Yukong. I am also hoping they add something unexpected to this story arc.

Yukong in Special Program for Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins

The new companion missions are for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, Lynx, March 7th, and Luka. The companion missions I am most interested in are Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae and March 7th as both around the character's past. Just seeing Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae having to face his past and seeing why his past life self was exiled will give so much depth to his character. Then there is March 7th past which she knows nothing of herself so finding out anything would be interesting as she shows up frozen and awaken on the Express.


Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle event looks similar in some ways to Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities: Event as it going to have you manage a shop-like setting. It also looks like it has some sort of stacking mechanic for inventory management. Along with planning shipping routes. All of this is to upgrade the shopping district as a whole. Overall I am going to enjoy this event after this event and there going to be a wallpaper reward for your character phone from this event.

The Swarm Disaster in Special Program for Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins

Next is the Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster. This event will give some more game lore along with having rogue-like mechanics. First is the random playing board then there random dice roll mechanic. Based on what you roll is what kind of buff you get. Based on Your actions will change how the story goes so it would be interesting on what you get on your play-throughs. I wonder if some of the rewards are tied into that. Another rogue-like tie-in is after you beat it you get some bonuses for your next run. If you get all the bonuses for one route you get more story and unlock more rewards. There is also a new enemy which is the fly beetle that multiplies which reminds me of the concept of the replicator of Stargate. Last of all, after you complete it there will be a new path that opens up for Simulated Universe which is Propagation which gives a bonus to the character's basic attack damage.

The Space Station Task Force event is just a character assignment mission. So you must log in daily to complete this one to get all the rewards possible. Then there once again the Planar Fissure mission for increased drops for Simulated Universe along with Garden Of Plenty that increased drop rate for Calyx (Golden) and Calyx (Crimson) drops. Last of all there going to be another Gift of Odyssey which gives you a free Star Rail Special Pass per daily login.

Quality of Life Update

One of the most important things in this patch must be Tailblaze Power System Optimization. Which increases max trailblaze power to 240 from 180. This way, I do not need to log in during my lunch break anymore because of how it is now you would need to log in multiple times a day to not waste trailblaze because if it hits the cap you will not be getting the spillover. There is also the Reserved Trailblaze Power which is better than the Genshin Impact system as there is a pool where a percentage of surplus trailblaze power goes.

In this patch, you can send emotes to friends and I am going to use Kafka's emotes a lot.


For this patch new character will always be a good sign for a patch in which they are adding three of them. Next will be the quality of life updates that include Tailblaze Power System Optimization, Reserved Trailblaze Power, and phone wallpaper. Last of all is the events and story. The story probably not going to be as epic as the last patch as it is the epilogue but companion missions should make up for that. The event overall should be fun. So, overall I am looking forward to the next patch. I really want Tailblaze Power System Optimization now as I dislike having to log in multiple times a day which will help everyone overall.

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