Why Kafka from Honkai: Star Rail is one of my Favorite Characters

August 16, 2023


Guilty as Charged, Kafka, the Stellaron Hunter, a wanted criminal with beauty and charm, makes my list of favorite characters. She is a character who just became playable in patch 1.2 of Honkai: Star Rail. If you haven't completed Kafka's Companion Mission, you might want to hold off on reading.

One of the captivating aspects of Kafka is her enigmatic nature, which adds an air of mystery to her persona. This cryptic nature, coupled with her distinct style, intelligence, and unwavering confidence, makes her stand out from the rest of the character for me. After watching "The Melody of Haruhi Suzumiya", I developed a fondness for ponytails. Her cryptic nature and confidence make her a badass when she confronts someone, backed by her intelligence. Her style effortlessly combines these traits, creating a character that is truly unforgettable.

In the following sections, I'll explore Kafka's background, personality traits, relationships, impact on the story, and more. Keep reading to discover the reasons why Kafka has become one of my top favorite characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Enigmatic Beginnings of Kafka

She comes from Pteruges-V "New Babylon" which was contaminated by a Stellaron. The humans that lived there did know the concept of fear itself as it just simply didn't exist there. The missing concept is the reason that she joined the Stellaron Hunters as Elio can solve this if she follows him. Elio is the leader of a mysterious organization named Stellaron Hunters that collects Stellarons for reasons unknown. Being a core member of Stellaron Hunters she has a very long list of crimes to her name because of Elio's plans.

She is one of the first characters you see in Honkair: Star Rail along with Silver Wolf. Based on the dialog between Trailblazer and Blade along with the dialog between Trailblazer and Kafka, you can piece together that Trailblazer spent a very long time with her before Trailblazer was dropped off and memories lost. These pieces create the starting point of the story.

The Vulnerable Facade: Delving Deeper into Kafka's Surface Confidence

One of Kafka's strengths is her calm and collected demeanor. On multiple occasions, she has displayed this. While being interrogated in the Windswept Wanderlust mission, she calmly answered the Trailblazer's questions before escaping. Additionally, there is a video titled "Myriad Celestia Trailer: The Jepella Rebellion — Scene 47" in which she is seen being interrogated without showing any sign of concern, with a smile on her face. Then the elegant feeling she gives off through what she wears, her abilities, her movements, and her playing the violin. She is skilled in the art of manipulation using her ability Spirit Whisper. She displays this during her trailer, where she controls the guards, and even in her boss fight, where she can manipulate one of your characters to attack another. She is also skilled at using a gun and a sword which she uses in combat.

Kafka in Wood Sprouts Anew, Fate Tilts Askew copy

One of Kafka's weaknesses is that there appears to be a limit to how she can use Spirit Whisper; otherwise, there wouldn't be a need to resort to using a gun and a sword. There is also the fact that she needs protection when using it on Blade during her companion mission. I think her next biggest weakness is her relationship with the Trailblazer. Most of the time she has the same tone of voice but at time when talking to the Trailblazer it changes like in Kafka's Companion Mission named "Letter from a Strange Woman". I will go more in-depth into this in the next section.

The Outcast: Kafka's Complex Connections

Because of who she is by default most people dislike her. Members of Astral Express are cautious of her or dislike her. Silver Wolf and Blade are members of Stellaron Hunters so they would have more closeness to Kafka than other characters. Silver Wolf and Kafka can be viewed as friends because of their fondness for being in each other company. Blade on the other hand is more complicated as Blade needs Kafka to keep himself in check. Kafka uses her Spirit Whisper. to suppress Blade's mara symptoms without her he will probably go on a rampage. Because mara is related to memories, Kafka has the ability to manipulate memories making the best tool to suppress Blade's issue.

Now for the Trailblazer At the very beginning, it hinted that the Trailblazer knows or could know who Kafka is. In Kafka's Companion Mission, Blade mentions that Trailblazer spent a significant amount of time with Kafka and that she devoted considerable effort to protecting the Trailblazer. Kafka herself mentions traveling with Trailblazer training them. She even wanted to meet and talk with the Trailblazer in the Windswept Wanderlust mission. This shows that she has a deep affection for the Trailblazer and I think ultimately her own downfall. In Kafka's Companion Mission, she mentions that she has no fear and there's an empty space in her mind and her heart. I would think Elio knows the best way to try to fix this is by having Kafka get attached and force her and/or Trailblazer to make a choice. This part is still not complete as the story is still ongoing.

Kafka in Letter from a Strange Woman

Kafka's Web of Influence: Shaping the Honkai: Star Rail Narrative

The story of Honkai: Star Rail Kafka is a key factor in the story. She is the one that got the Trailblazer to Herta Space Station and placed the Stellaron into the Trailblazer. Then she was the one to push Astral Express to go to The Xianzhou Luofu. Kafka gives Astral Express the correct information at the right time along with pushing them where Elio planned them to be so that The Xianzhou Luofu will owe Astral Express a favor. Currently, I view her as an anti-hero more than anything in the current story. The reason for this is even though she can be questionable she is helping Trailblazer with the goal to save the universe.

Deception and Conspiracy: How Kafka Embodies Spider Imagery

Kafka's overall theme involves spiders as the design is incorporated in her design everywhere. Her outfit has designs of spider webs along with a spider design on the back of her coat. Her sunglasses also symbolized spider eyes as spiders have multiple eyes. Her Skill, Ultimate, and Technique all reference spiders along with their logo design. Then there her Spirit Whisper ability looks like a spider's webs which also plays off of her pulling the strings when she manipulates someone.

The spider design also goes with Kafka's personality to give her mischief, malice, lies, and deceit feeling. Because of her background of being a criminal by default, she cannot be trusted. Spiders can also represent illusion and conspiracy which Kafka portrays very well. This is demonstrated effectively in 'Myriad Celestia Trailer: The Jepella Rebellion — Scene 47,' where she deceives the Jepella Brotherhood judges, causing them to believe they were in control while she was merely toying with them.

First Meetings and Lasting Impressions: Kafka's Unforgettable Moments

Currently, my most memorable moment is in the first mission when you as the Trailblazer first met her. Another moment was when she talked about Nanook the Destruction in Windswept Wanderlust mission with him in the background. Here are some of my favorite quotes from her.

  • Then again, a Corporation bounty is a compliment, not an insult, don't you think? The higher the figure, the bigger the compliment.
  • Our destinations may differ, but the orbits of the stars will eventually converge. See you later.
  • What we call "destiny" is neither visible nor tangible, yet it is as certain as the collapsing and converging of the past and present. I called out to you, and you came. You had many choices, but everything led you here…to right here and right now.
  • The future is like a labyrinth: Every divergence is merely an inducement. There is only one real path.

Threads of Deception: Parallels Among Kafka and Other Characters

Kafka's complexity and manipulation abilities bring to mind other intriguing characters from different narratives. It's fascinating to draw parallels between Kafka and characters like Makima from "Chainsaw Man" and Magane Chikujouin from "Re:Creators."

Makima: In "Chainsaw Man," Makima holds a position of high authority within the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Like Kafka, Makima possesses manipulation abilities and an enigmatic demeanor that shrouds her true intentions. Her mysterious nature and the uncertainty surrounding her motives create an aura of intrigue, which resonates with Kafka's cryptic charm. Furthermore, both characters share a sense of control and manipulation that plays a significant role in their respective stories.

Magane Chikujouin: From the world of "Re:Creators," Magane Chikujouin is a character who hails from a murder mystery novel within the story. She possesses the power of "Infinite Deception of Words," allowing her to turn lies into truths by reversing their meaning. This power, much like Kafka's Spirit Whisper, relies on verbal manipulation. Magane's self-centered, unpredictable nature and her tendency to do things for her own enjoyment draw a parallel to Kafka's calculated and confident approach. Both characters revel in their manipulation abilities and interactions with others.


In the vibrant world of Honkai: Star Rail, Kafka emerges as a character who captivates not only through her enigmatic aura but also through her dynamic personality and multifaceted strengths. Her ability to exude an air of mystery while maintaining confidence and intelligence creates a unique blend that sets her apart from the crowd. With her captivating style, which includes her iconic hairstyle and distinctive fashion, Kafka leaves an indelible impression on players like me.

Kafka Weapons Lock and Loaded

What truly solidifies Kafka's position as one of my top favorite characters is her impact on the narrative and the depth she adds to the storyline. Her role in driving the story forward, from her key decisions to her interactions with other characters, showcases her complexity and importance. Furthermore, her manipulation abilities and the spider-themed symbolism add layers of intrigue that continually engage the player's curiosity.

As I continue to delve into Honkai: Star Rail, I am confident that Kafka's character will remain a highlight. Her unique traits, her contribution to the unfolding events, and the questions surrounding her background ensure that she will maintain her place among my most cherished characters. With every appearance, Kafka brings a sense of anticipation and excitement, making her an essential part of the game's allure.

In the end, Kafka's cryptic charm, her unwavering confidence, and her intricate role in the story make her an unforgettable character that leaves a lasting impact. As I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in the game's narrative, one thing is certain: Kafka will continue to be a character that I hold close to my heart.

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