Insights into Topclouded Towerthrust: A Deep Dive

August 10, 2023


Topclouded Towerthrust is the new epic mission that came with patch 1.2 of Honkai Rail. I played this on the 2nd and 3rd tests of my Twitch overlay. Now below I will give over my thoughts on the mission, if you have not finished it I would recommend not to read any further.

Desolate Depths of Despair

Moving on to the mission's beginning starts off with the aftermath of a battle and dialogue between March 7th, Tingyun, Welt, and the main character. I found one of Tingyun's lines interesting "Centuries ago, an Emanator of Abundance besieged the Luofu with the aim of taking the Ambrosial Arbor. They destroyed half our delves and killed most of the Cloud Knights. For long-life species, such events are more like yesterday's memories than ancient history. This awful spectacle is child's play in comparison." she implies that this is nothing.

At the part with the "Check on the survivors" after the battle with the dying cloud knight the dialogue interactions and youtube video "Animated Short: A Flash". It feels like they are just building the groundwork to maybe have Jing Yuan become Mara-Struck or at least build up more of the image of what Mara-Struck means. As the dying cloud knight just wanted to be left to die alone.

Fu Xuan in Topclouded Towerthrust

As the combat progresses and you reach the Cloud Knights, the dialogue becomes interesting. Though I did find it odd that Tingyun appeared after you talked with the captured disciple at the time. After talking to everyone else you get to talk to Fu Xuan and it showed her foresight and intelligence of herself and general not giving the main character all the information. Then it shows why Trailblazer was needed as they are required to take out the elixir crucibles and that the Stellaron Hunters must have thought this would happen. After the dialog finishes you set off to take out the elixir crucibles Fu Xuan's optional dialog was entertaining to listen to. One of the lines shows the fear she has of being Mara-Struck after she puts up a front that she is not scared. In another line, she questions you if you think you should trust her if the smoke was safe. It was also funny that she was practicing holding her breath in case she needs it.

Descending into the depths where the elixir crucibles lay, the narrative unfolds. Tingyun's motivations for following the group despite Welt's directive weren't immediately apparent to me. Turning off the elixir crucibles without any puzzle but just many enemies after the first one. Then the dialogue between Fu Xuan and Master of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus in which feels like Fu Xuan is slightly ticked off by all the conversation. Then the mini-boss fight before one of my favorite parts.

After the Master of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus defeat she calls for Lord Ravager Phantylia. Then Tingyun started talking with a different tone of voice then started walking forward. I was confused at first but I liked this turn of events. The look on her face when she talk looking back and turn of her head was great. This also makes the dialogue during the elixir crucibles make sense. After some more dialog speculating what happen to the real Tingyun or if there was a real Tingyun it goes to the next part.

Tingyun in Topclouded Towerthrust

Dragon Mislay, Dreams Astray

Now part of the quest you play as Dan Heng. You will end up in the market where you can talk with a few characters before leaving. I found the dialog with Luocha when he mentions being back home with "As home draws nearer, so our feelings grow stronger. I can see it in your eyes." as if he relates to something.

As you leave the market you end up seeing Yanqing which I tried and failed getting close to him. Then you walk by echoes of memories past to get on starskiff. These echoes may also symbolize the repetition of Dan Heng's past mistakes, a theme that becomes clearer as the dialogue unfolds.

Kafka in Topclouded Towerthrust

After the starskiff my favorite character Kafka shows up with Bladie. Enraged Bladie ripped into Dan Heng about his past. Then Dan Heng shows his true form that he is a Vidyadhara and teams up with Bladie to fight Yanqing which solves the reason you fight him in the 1.2 preview. Later Kafka breaks up the fight to show some class for Jing Yuan before she and Bladie make their exit. I liked the interaction between Jing Yuan and Dan Heng with Jing Yuan comparing Dan Heng to his past self.

Oblation Obtained, Order Ordained

Now as Dan Heng, you will meet up with the party at last. After the fight, when March 7th says "that you do have secret strength?!" after commenting on the horns, this totally makes me think of similarities between Xiao from Genshin Impact and Dan Heng. Then it is interesting that Dan Heng's name was erased from public view from the dialog from Fu Xuan. Also, there Welt re-enforcing the message about the journey of the Express Crew and their past is not very important to them. Then after the dialogs the epic cut scene where Dan Heng parts the ocean like Mose to open up the new area.

A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant

As the new area opens up, Fu Xuan will remain with the Cloud Knights while you, the crew, and Jing Yuan move forward. I like the last bit of Fu Xuan saying "…I trust you will be here to re-issue the order in person… but whatever the outcome, I will do as you command and honor the mission." as if she does not know the truth of the outcome. Then Jing Yuan's reply "Ha, spoken like a true general."

Progressing to the final area requires you to complete three different puzzles. The puzzles were not hard after figuring out that the number of markings just meant which order to do them in. Then more echoes hint at things of Dan Heng's past life. After all the puzzles are done, at last, the final boss.

Demise of Immortality, Finale of Calamity

This interesting must use Jing Yuan for the final boss fight so I used him along with Trailblazer (Preservation), Natasha, and Tingyun to form my team. This strategy is not very complex but very solid. The boss Phantylia was not demanding but I did get nervous a few times as she did have the ability to reduce the character's max HP. But having Dan Heng's ability to reduce the boss' healing helped out a lot during the fight. Phantylia's looks and animations are very well done and I love the flick attack. All this along with her seductive voice made the fight enjoyable.

Phantylia in Topclouded Towerthrust

At the conclusion of the final battle, a cut scene plays. The final cut scene was excellent with Jing Yuan first being captured and then pulling a power move on Phantylia as he called Dan Heng to strike him as he uses Lightbringer ability for the ultimate backstab Phantylia. After getting defeated, Phantylia gives some sass before getting brushed away. But beating her at what cost will what I mentioned before come sooner or later for Jing Yuan? I also like that Jing Yuan pull the just-like old-time card on Dan Heng. With that, the mission comes to an end.


With the conclusion of the climactic encounter, it is now time to give my overall idea of this story. Overall I enjoyed the story. The plot twist of Tingyun being an enemy was unexpected. Then revealing parts of what troubles Dan Heng. To finish it off, a great boss fight.

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