How I plan out my Honkai: Star Rail rolls

July 11, 2023

As the character is one of the key components to gacha games in general. Planning out how who your going to roll on is very important as if you don't you are going to run out of Stellar Jade and Star Rail Special Passes for a character you want to roll on. How I normally plan out for Blue Archives and Fate/GO doesn't work with Honkai: Star Rail. Honkai Star Rail you can only sort of plan out a few patches unlike Blue Archives and Fate/GO. Below is a breakdown of how I plan out who I am going to roll for.

The Basics

Stellar Jade is the currency to buy up Star Rail Special Passes so you can roll on special banners.

  • Express Supply Pass twice per patch so you will get around 6,000 Stellar Jade
  • Monthly you should get 5 Star Rail Special Passes from Embers Exchange in the Shop
  • If you pay for Nameless Honor pass you will get 680 Stellar Jade and 4 Star Rail Special Passes per patch.
  • Each day you get 60 Stellar Jades from doing dailies so for each patch you get around 4,620 Stellar Jades.
  • The Memory of Choas Reset every two weeks is 600 Stellar Jades for full clear for a total of 2,400 Stellar Jades-ish.
  • For Simulated Universe which reset every week, you get 225 Stellar Jades for a total of 2,475 Stellar Jades for a patch.
  • I think you get around 300 to 600 Stellar Jades for the server going down.
  • Then there are the Stellar Jades from the events that can vary.

So you should at minimum around 16,235 Stellar Jades and 14 Star Rail Special Passes not including events during a whole patch if you do everything every day. In total, you should have around 115-ish rolls after turning all the Stellar Jades into passes. Pity is 90 so you will be getting 5 star character per patch if everything lines up after using the passes on the banner if unlucky.

Who I Roll for

I normally just limit myself to one character banner per patch as I want to save up on my Stellar Jade and my Star Rail Special Pass. So I pick one banner for the next patch to roll on, and sometimes I end up not picking either. normally I get the character I want as the odds normally work out for me as I don't want to dip in more than I want to. Another thing to note is not to aim for a 4-star character, most of the time you end up getting one copy off another roll or event that will reward you later down the road unless something has changed compared to Genshin Impact. So overall, I just pick one and skip the other per patch.

When picking characters for a patch either pick them for their strengths or if you like the character. For example, in this next patch, I am 100% going to be rolling on Kafka while skipping Blade. Sometimes Honkai: Star Rail will show upcoming characters which select the one I plan on rolling on which is Fu Xuan. Kafka I think is a strong character but overall I am picking Kafka and Fu Xuan because I like those characters. If you are picking strengths then you can pick a character for what you are missing which DPS element type for single or AOE, Debuff, Support, or Tank. This way you can round out your account but I just play for fun so I just pick characters I like.

How I plan out my Honkai: Star Rail rolls


The rule I follow is just to pick one character to roll for each banner as long as you don't get unlucky you should get enough rolls to get the character you want more of the time. If you do the math the odds are not in your favor if you try to get both characters on each patch. As even if you hit piety there is still the unlucky part where you hit 50/50 and need to roll more until you hit another 5-star. So rolling for both can really put someone who F2P or does not spend a lot can really put someone in a bind if they want the character in a newer patch.

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