Kafka Guide for Build & Team Comp in Honkai: Star Rail

November 7, 2023


Kafka, the Stellaron Hunter, is one of my favorite characters in Honkai: Star Rail, and in this Kafka Guide, I'll share how to make the most of her. She excels as a DPS character, relying on damage-over-time effects to deal significant damage. Her unique playstyle may require a different team composition compared to most characters, and I'll explain how I utilize her alongside the characters I have.

Kafka Builds

Kafka Build

Light Cone

The best Light Cone would be 'Patience is All You Need' as it increases damage and speed and adds another damage-over-time effect to the enemy, but not everyone has access to it. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to obtain it alongside Kafka herself. Alternatively, you can consider other Light Cone choices like 'Good Night and Sleep Well,' 'In the Name of the World,' 'Fermata,' and 'Eyes of the Prey,' as these light cones offer excellent damage and effects for Kafka.


Relics for Kafka

The best relics for Kafka are 'Band of Sizzling Thunder' and 'Space Sealing Station' for increasing her overall damage. For Kafka, you want to focus on speed and attack so that she does deal the most out of her dot damage with body being attack percent, legs being speed, sphere being lightning damage boost, and rope being attacked. Crit rate and damage are help only for her other abilities but not the dot damage so getting those stats will be secondary. You should also consider increasing the effect hit rate to ensure she keeps applying those damage-over-time effects to enemies

Kafka Team Comp

My favorite temp comp for Kafka is Bailu, Silver Wolf, and Tingyun. The reason for Bailu as the healer is because she deals electric damage along with Tingyun so that Silver Wolf can apply Lightning or Quantum weakness to the enemy. Another good part of having Silver Wolf is she can also reduce the enemy's defense along with reducing their damage resistance. Other than Tingyun's lightning element she is also a great buffer as she can increase the amount of times Kafka can use her ultimate.

Sometimes I cannot use all the characters so I tend to swap out Tingyun with Bronya to give Kafka more damage and actions per round. If I need fire damage instead, I swap out Silver Wolf or Tingyun with Asta since she is a great buffer and deals a good amount of fire damage. Rarely do I swap out Bailu with Fu Xuan or Natasha if a different healer or tank is required. Another choice for Silver Wolf swap out is Pela as she does have good defense down abilities and removing enemies buffs.

Luka and Sampo should be looked into as they are very good with Kafka. I just do not have them leveled at the moment. You could also do Trailblazer of Preservation (Fire) and equip it with the light cone "Trend of the Universal Market" so that Trailblazer gives dots when hit. Regarding the meta, I'm not entirely sure, but it's something to consider if you require a tank. Serval is another good choice for sub-dps as she deals a lot of dots damage.


When using Kafka, prioritize using her Skill and Ultimate over her Basic ATK as much as possible. This is because her skill is her bread and butter which deals more damage if they have dots on them already. Then her ultimate will add dots to the enemies. Her talent is useful but not critical as it does do damage and add more dots to the enemy. So you want to pair her up with at least another character that produces dots and someone to either buff or reduce defense. Personally, I prefer to play her as a solo DPS.


In summary, Kafka, the Stellaron Hunter, is a remarkable DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail as revealed in our Kafka Guide. She relies on damage-over-time effects to deal substantial damage to her enemies, making her playstyle unique. To maximize her potential, we discussed the best Light Cones and relics for Kafka, explored various team compositions that complement her abilities and delved into the most effective way to play her.

Remember that the key to mastering Kafka lies in understanding her abilities and how they synergize with her teammates. Whether you prefer a versatile team or playing Kafka as a solo DPS, there are various approaches to suit your playstyle. By following the recommendations in this Kafka Guide, you can harness Kafka's potential and enjoy a rewarding experience in Honkai: Star Rail.

If you have any further questions or need additional guidance, feel free to ask or seek advice from the Honkai: Star Rail community. May your adventures be filled with electrifying success, thanks to the power of Kafka and her formidable team!

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