Is Express Supply Pass and Nameless Honor Worth It?

July 21, 2023

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of two enticing offers in Honkai: Rail Star! If you've ever considered purchasing the Express Supply Pass or the Nameless Honor Pass but found yourself uncertain about their true value, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll break down the benefits of these passes, providing you with a clear understanding of how much you can gain from investing in them.

Before we delve into the specifics, let's briefly introduce Honkai: Rail Star for those who might be new to the game. Honkai: Rail Star is a free-to-play gacha turn-based RPG. The in-game currency is Oneiric Shards and Stellar Jade. Oneiric Shards can be converted to Stellar Jade. Stellar Jade allows players to purchase valuable items like Rail Passes and Rail Special Passes, enhancing their gameplay and overall enjoyment.

Now, let's explore the Express Supply Pass and the Nameless Honor Pass, analyzing their costs, rewards, and the overall value they bring to your Honkai: Rail Star journey. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of whether these passes are indeed worth your investment. Let's get started!

Cost per Oneiric Shard for Normal Purchase

The conversion rate does not matter too much for Oneiric Shards and Stellar Jade as it is 1 to 1. 60 Oneiric Shards for $0.99 is about 0.6 Oneiric Shards per 1¢. For 6,480 Oneiric Shards with 1,600 Bonus Oneiric Shards for $99.99 is about 0.8 Oneiric Shards per 1¢. So buying the most expensive one gives the most shards per 1¢. The only time this is different is for the initial double bonus which $29.99 is the best but for the below calculations, we will just be using the normal.

Express Supply Pass

Express Supply Pass

Express Supply Pass is a daily pass that cost $4.99 providing 300 Oneiric Shards up front and 2,700 Stellar Jade over 30 days (90 Stellar Jade per day). Cost calculations show a great net positive compared to $99.99 or $0.99.

Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor

Monetary Value of the Pass

Nameless Honor works similarly to battle passes in most other games so you complete missions or objects to get points into the pass to progress the pass. Nameless Honor is either $9.99 or $19.99 based on which one you buy. Now I will list the rewards when you pay for Nameless and convert them to dollar value with $99.99 conversion cost.

  • 680 Stellar Jade: Valued at $5.44
  • 4 Star Rail Special Pass: Valued at $5.12
  • 2 Tracks of Destiny: Valued at $1.69 (Equivalent to 105.6 Shards based on Embers Exchange comparing it to Star Rail Special Pass)
  • 200 Relic Remains: Valued at $332 (Equivalent to 400 Trailblaze Power).
  • 20 Lost Crystal: Valued at $166 (Equivalent to 200 Trailblaze Power).
  • Treasure of the Starry Seas: Valued at $38.40 (Equivalent to 4,800 Shards compared to Star Rail Special Pass to single Light Cone in Starlight Exchange).
  • 3 Grand Gifts of the Pathstriders and 4 Gifts of the Pathstriders: Valued at $58.10 (Equivalent to 70 Trailblaze Power).
  • 6 Fuel: Valued at $298.80 (Equivalent to 360 Trailblaze Power).
  • 210 Traveler's Guide: Valued at $771.90 (Equivalent to 930 Trailblaze Power).
  • 210 Refined Aether: Valued at $1,128.80 (Equivalent to 1360 Trailblaze Power).
  • 1,240,000 Credit: Valued at $423.30 (Equivalent to 510 Trailblaze Power).

So the grand total is $3,229.55 for the whole pass if you were planning on spending the same money for the value of the pass. This will be around 2,681 Trailblaze Power. This will be a total of 16,086 minutes or 268.1 hours or 11 days.

Reward Value of the Pass

If you ignore the monetary value of the pass the rewards in itself is valuable. All rewards will be used unless you have every character at max level. Getting Relic Remains and Lost Crystals normally would take days to gain. The Grand Gifts of the Pathstriders and Gifts of the Pathstriders may have issues in the future for newer characters unless they update it. The reason I think this is if they follow Genshin Impact a new update will add resources that will not be included in the Nameless Honor and a new character would require it to level up. But they would still be required for skills and Light Cone for leveling. A traveler's guide will always be good to have on hand to level up new characters or old ones. Refined Aether is probably the best to gain from the Nameless Honor as the drop from getting them normally is not very optimal compared to other resources of the game. Credits will always be used throughout the game. Tracks of Destiny is a limited quantity item that can level cap you on skills if you do not have them.

If you paid $19.99, you will gain 5 more fuel and 200 stellar Jade. But you also get a limited item which is Profile Picture for your account. The value of the Profile Picture will be based on how much you value it.


So overall the path is worth it if you are planning on spending money to get a boost in Honkai: Star Rail based on the time you would spend and the total cost.

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