Opinion: Starhunt Game Event

June 19, 2023

My opinion of Starhunt Game event for Honkai: Star Rail, I would say I liked it. Starhunt Game is broken up into two parts which was Story Mode and Arcade Challenge. There was nothing painfully difficult with the event though I did get slightly confused by Access Screening part of the event as I thought it would be in different locations like Hidden Codes. Though I would ament that I sort of zone out a lot of Leonard's dialog.

The Arcade Challenge was broken up into three different challenges. Hidden Codes you all have to do is look for the hidden graffitis around the map which is marked by the event map. Access Screening is just taking photos in the master control zone. The last part is just Sealed Sectors which is just fighting.

"Before the Tutorial Mission Starts" light cone reward end up being very useful for me as I did not luck out on getting an "Incessant Rain" light cone when I rolled for it. Seeing that I got Silver Wolf on my second roll when I rolled for her, I needed a good Nihility light cone for Silver Wolf as I had none so "Before the Tutorial Mission Starts" would fit the bill. The other rewards are useful too as anyone would need Tracks of Desting along with any other item rewards.

The best part, of course, will be the Story Mode. Which is Companion Mission "Punklorde Mentality" for Silver Wolf. In the story, I found Screwllum introduction a bit humorous as he mention that he was 4 minutes and 13 seconds late along with his interaction with Herta. Later in the story on entering the Simulated Universe walking in Kafka's shoes to follow Silver Wolf's footsteps was fun. Just to find out that she was really there as a trap to get the Aether Cartridge just to fall into Herta and Screwllum trap. The biggest icing on the cake of Screwllum not playing Silver Wolf's game and Herta just pull one over on her. After finishing the Simulated Universe and talking with Screwllum. Looking back at some of the older dialogs and what he said about Simulated Universe. He says "I hope to free my dear friend from it." as if he wants to free her from the project as if she suffering from some kind of burnout on the project. I also found it funny in one of his dialogs he makes a reference to The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The last of the story is the enjoyable interaction between Kafka and Silver Wolf.

Kafka and Silver Wolf in Companion Mission Punklorde Mentality

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