Thoughts on Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2 "Even Immortality Ends" Special Program

July 10, 2023

At last, the patch I have been waiting for Honkai: Star Rail is coming out as it adds a new story and character I want. If you do not know what is Honkai: Star Rail is, it is a role-playing gacha game that has similar combat to older Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Now to go more into the special program video that goes into Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2.

Intro Video: Even Immortality Ends

Starts off with a lovely scene of Kafka then switches to Blade. Then it starts showing off the new story with Imbibitor Lunae parting water which looks like opens up a new area. Cut off to the scene in which Yanqing dueled Blade which looked awesome. I am guessing Phantylia the Undying descends upon the fight which Blade looks like he is accepting of it. Then a big cutscene of everyone so far trying to fight Phantylia. She looks so unamused. I am guessing a lot of background lore of The Xianzhou Luofu based on what Imbibitor Lunae and Phantylia were saying. So I am so hyped about this.

New Characters: Blade, Kafka, Luka

Out of the three I am most excited about Kafka as I mention before. Blade is neat with him losing HP for increased damage and then gaining it back. But this can cause issues if someone is not very good at managing the character's HP. He also can deal AOE damage which is good. But how I plan out my rolls, I would have to skip him over as I would like to make sure I get Kafka and her light cone. While Luka, I probably end up getting anyway as he is in Kafka roll. Luka reminds me of a male VI as his kit is somewhat similar to her kit in League of Legends. Which involves hitting an enemy multiple times. He is good for single targets but may need to add someone with AOE if needed.


Now for Kafka, I love her personality and her looks so it makes it an easy choice for me to roll for her. I like her animations with dual Uzi-like weapons along with katana. Her kit makes her a DOT powerhouse. There is her brilliantly flashing dual Uzi ultimate ability that ends with a bang, I will never get tired of this. I have been saving up my Stellar Jade and my Star Rail Special Pass for Kafka. Though I do find it odd they were calling them both sociopaths while I think Blade is a sociopath but I think Kafka is more of a psychopath.

Both Blade and Kafka will be getting their own Light Cone which is The Unreachable Side and Patience Is All You Need. I think I get my piety up to easily get able to get Patience Is All You Need in a few rolls.

New Content

The new content that is coming is the new story along with two new areas which are Alchemy Commission and Scalegorge Waterscape. I cannot wait for this as I want to know how this part of the story ends as it ended in a cliffhanger. The story should solve what going to happen between Dan Heng and Blade along with giving more details of the backstory. Also, they will show more of Yanqing as before he just had a conversation with Jing Yuan and left. Then maybe the climax fights with Phantylia the Undying unless they are going to end up adding more after this. In the dialog between the guest, they mention that Blade is immortal so I wonder how that plays out in the story and then of course more Kafka screen time. They will also be adding two new companion missions which are Kafka's and Yukong's. That means even more Kafka screen time.

They will be adding even more enemies. The Ascended looks like a reused character from Jarilo-VI. Then their Yanqing which looks like you have to fight for plot reasons. There abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape which is new along with the new boss Phantylia the Undying which gives new drops. You would need to farm both The Ascended and Phantylia the Undying to level up all three new characters.

Phantylia the Undying fight going to be interesting with multiple break bars. I also find her attack which is just a flick of the finger and the attack location is her breast funny.

There will be two new relics along with two planar ornaments. I am not really sure about the usefulness of either of the planar ornaments. As Rutilant Arena could be general damage planar ornament that could probably be used on Luka and others. The Broken Keel planar ornament could be interesting on Yukong for increasing CRIT DMG for all allies but increasing RES and RES is not very appealing. The relics on the other hand are a different story. Longevous Disciple might be useful on Blade and Arian. While Messanger Traversing Hackerspace can be useful on Asta, Tingyun, and Yukong.

They will be adding another Simulated Universe: World 7 in the patch. They will also be adding Yukong as a reward. I was expecting that Yukong probably be a reward at some part down the line as Genshin Impact has done that in the past.

They also are adding a custom chat box which is a reward from one of the events. Which will affect player chat along with NPC chat.


The events I would like in order are probably Underground Treasure Hunt, Tales of the Fantastic, and Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? events. They also are giving out a free Star Rail Special Pass with Gift Of Odyssey. Looks like there going with Planar Fissure again so I am probably going to try to plan out my Immersifier better this time for this as the event going to boost drops for Simulated Universe. I really have not been farming relics so Realm of the Strange will help me out as that going to boost the drop rate for those.

Tales of the Fantastic looks story heavy with lots of combat and an odd navigation style. I mention odd navigation style as one of the scenes you take the form of one of the transporting birds. Where are you Mystery Trotter? is just hide and seek event for trotters. You get a cool look gadget that will track the location of Trotter then you fight them to capture them I guess. Why it looks like I would like Underground Treasure Hunt the most because it looks like a good mix of puzzles and combat. It has a board on which you have to find treasure and it may end up in combat.


Overall I am excited for Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2. My favorite parts are the release of Kafka, the new story, and Kafka's companion mission knowing that this will not disappoint me. I probably like Phantylia the Undying boss fight along with a few of the events.

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