Why Topaz from Honkai: Star Rail is one of my Favorite Characters

November 13, 2023


Step into the cosmic realm of Honkai: Star Rail, where the interstellar saga unfolds with captivating characters and intricate narratives. Among the stellar ensemble, one character shines particularly bright—the astute and enigmatic Topaz. As the intelligent leader of the Special Debts Picket Team and high-level manager of the strategic investment department at the Interastral Peace Corporation, Topaz has etched her mark on the expansive universe of Honkai.

Join me on a journey through the cosmic tapestry as we delve into the compelling facets of Topaz and her trusty companion Numby. From their origins to the impact they wield on the unfolding story, this exploration aims to unravel the reasons why Topaz has ascended to the ranks of my favorite characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Buckle up as we navigate through the cosmos, unraveling the layers of Topaz's character, her connections, and the distinct theme she brings to the forefront of this captivating universe. Be warned, fellow travelers, for the cosmic voyage ahead, may reveal elements from the latest patches—spoiler discretion advised.

Topaz's Origins

Top herself was born on a small planet at the edge of the galaxy which is vastly unknown unless you are native. The planet did not have many resources so people of the planet worked in manufacturing products for other civilizations in the galaxy which involved in chemical or heavy industries field. Because of this over time, the natural environment got worse causing people to get sick and need to wear respirators. As the planet slowly rotted away from sewage, acid rain, dust, and more the wealthy left for better worlds to leave the major to stay.

One day the IPC (Interastral Peace Corporation) came and offered the whole planet a deal. IPC will repair the whole planet to once it was in exchange for every one of the planet becoming employees of IPC. After signing the contract the pollution disappeared clearing the skies after two years and after three vegetation returned. At the five-year mark, many animals returned from the brink of extinction.

With this, after Topaz came of age, she joined the IPC. She became the youngest in the department along with getting high marks in actuarial sciences, micro and macroeconomics, intergalactic finances, and management sciences with her physical exam nearly perfect. The only thing she failed at was business etiquette which she did not even turn up for the test as she said 'I absolutely hate formalism'.

With her skills, she rose to the ranks of high-level manager of the strategic investment department and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team. Along with this, becoming a member of Ten Stonehearts she gained the name Topaz replacing her old name Jelena.

Exploring Topaz: A Diverse Leader

Unveiling Topaz's Layers

Topaz, the astute leader of the Special Debts Picket Team in the Interastral Peace Corporation, offers a fascinating glimpse into her character beyond the surface. From her humble origins on a struggling planet to her rise as a high-level manager, Topaz's journey is one marked by intelligence, determination, and a distinctive set of principles.

Intellectual Prowess and Work Ethic

Topaz's ascension within the IPC is a testament to her exceptional intelligence and unwavering work ethic. Having excelled in actuarial sciences, economics, intergalactic finances, and management sciences, she swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, becoming the youngest member in her department. Her prowess is further highlighted by a near-perfect physical exam, reinforcing her commitment to excellence.

Her work ethic manifests in various instances, such as the Trailblazer incident, where her AI replies back instead of her during work hours. In the "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" quest, Topaz's quick evaluation of Jarilo-VI showcases her assertiveness, even if her methods may come across as aggressive. As she is there to collect Belobog's debt that was owed to IPC.

Moreover, Topaz's evaluation skills extend beyond corporate matters. A notable demonstration occurs at the Everwinter City Museum, where she adeptly points out what she believes is the value of the objects in the museum. This showcases her ability to apply her knowledge in diverse contexts, adding another layer to her intellectual capabilities.

The Empathetic Debt Collector

Contrary to the stereotype of a cold-hearted debt collector, Topaz exhibits a surprising level of empathy. Bronya Drawing from her own planet's struggles, she attempts to persuade Bronya to join the IPC by highlighting the perceived inability to repay the debt. However, her empathy is tempered by her professional responsibilities, emphasizing the delicate balance she maintains between compassion and duty.

Near the End of Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream

Topaz's good-natured side is further unveiled in her thoughtful gesture towards Dvorski, showcasing a caring nature that contrasts with her role as a debt collector. The unexpected letter expressing regret for missing his farewell party adds a human touch to her character, revealing a side of Topaz that extends beyond the corporate realm.

This poignant moment not only demonstrates Topaz's professionalism but also highlights her ability to form genuine connections amidst the demanding backdrop of her corporate responsibilities. The sincerity embedded in the letter reflects a level of emotional intelligence that transcends the typical expectations associated with her role. It speaks volumes about her capacity to navigate the intricate balance between the cutthroat world of debt collection and maintaining personal relationships.

In this seemingly small act, Topaz manages to defy the stereotype of a detached and calculating corporate figure. Her willingness to acknowledge the importance of personal connections, even in the face of professional rigor, adds a layer of authenticity to her character. This blend of compassion and professionalism not only distinguishes Topaz within the context of Honkai: Star Rail but also reinforces her as a character with nuanced depth and genuine humanity.

Rules of Business and Love for Animals

In her "Expert Tutorial" trailer, Topaz outlines principles that guide her in business, emphasizing the importance of making friends and playing by the rules. These rules, along with her dedication to paying what is owed, provide a glimpse into her code of conduct.

Beyond her professional life, Topaz harbors a genuine love for animals, evident in her affection for Numby, her warp trotter companion. This affection not only humanizes her character but also sheds light on her softer side, revealing a balance between the demands of her career and personal passions.

Topaz in Aetherium Wars

Crafting a Multifaceted Character

In summary, Topaz emerges as a multifaceted character, blending intelligence, empathy, and a set of ethical principles. Her complexities, ranging from a formidable debt collector to a caring individual, add depth to her persona, making her a compelling and intriguing figure within the Honkai: Star Rail universe.

Connections and Relationships

Overall Topaz is a debt collector which in most cases is not looked on to fondly. Currently, she has only been in the "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" quest, the "Simulated Market" web event, and the "Aetherium Wars" event. So currently she does not have very strong connections compared to other characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

For better or worse she came into the lives of everything in Jarilo-VI. She gave Bronya and the citizens of Belobog a choice of either paying the debt or joining the IPC. The views of the choices that were split between the citizens through aggressive behavior with IPC employees were not very well taken. However, what happened in "Great Mine: Expel the IPC Invaders" could be seen as more of an employee error than Topaz's fault as they did not follow her instructions correctly. But she also takes the blame for this as she said herself "I didn't keep my subordinates in check." Because she is from the IPC, Himeko wanted to make it clear that Astral Express was a third party that was not directly involved in Belobog because she did not want to pick a fight with IPC. Because of this, she was viewed as a villain of the story even though she was just doing her job for IPC which is by default not viewed very fondly either. I found her actions more of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" as she believed this was the right course even though the other side did not see it as so.

Topaz overall is impressed by Bronya as the supreme guardian of Belobog. She wonders if her world would have been different if they had someone like her leading it. Topaz also mentioned not wanting to be compared to Bronya.

Mentioned in the Voice Overs Topaz and Asta are friends as Asta mentions going on holiday with Topaz on a charter ship. So that they can go star seeing and catch up on all the IPC gossip. Topaz calls Asta a real lady and wealthy.

Topaz has knowledge of a few members and past members of the Astral Express. This is shown when she first meets Himeko saying that her colleagues dream about meeting her. She then mentions Himeko following Akivili. On the flip side, Himeko found some information on Topaz from 3rd party.

Topaz's Role in the Honkai: Star Rail Narrative

While Topaz might not hold a central position in the overarching narrative of "Honkai: Star Rail" at the moment, her role in specific quests and events injects a nuanced layer into the unfolding story. Notably, her prominence in the "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" quest reveals her significance in shaping the destiny of Belobog.

As the leader of the Special Debts Picket Team and a high-level manager in the strategic investment department of the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), Topaz assumes a pivotal role in the intricate web of corporate affairs within the game's universe. Her involvement in the financial dynamics of Belobog, as showcased in the mentioned quest, provides players with a glimpse into the complexities of power struggles and debt negotiations that underpin the narrative.

Furthermore, Topaz's high-ranking position within the IPC positions her as a key figure in the broader exploration of the IPC's influence on different worlds. The introduction of characters like Opal, Obsidian, Aventurine, and Diamond, through Topaz's narrative, hints at a more extensive network of influential individuals and organizations that may come into play in future story arcs.

While her current impact might seem localized to the events of Belobog, it's essential to recognize the potential ripple effects that Topaz's decisions and actions could have on the broader narrative canvas. The intricate dance of power and negotiation that she represents adds layers of complexity to the overall storytelling, promising intriguing developments as the narrative unfolds.

As the storyline progresses, Topaz's role might evolve, and her interactions with other characters, including Opal, Obsidian, Aventurine, and Diamond, could spark unforeseen consequences. The subtleties of her character and the glimpses into IPC's operations provide a foundation for future narrative expansions, where her influence might extend beyond the confines of specific quests.

In essence, while Topaz may not be the focal point of the current narrative, her position, decisions, and connections lay the groundwork for potential twists and turns that could significantly shape the evolving story of "Honkai: Star Rail."

Business-Inspired Theme and Combat Prowess

Topaz's character in "Honkai: Star Rail" is a captivating fusion of aesthetics and combat mechanics, creating a thematic harmony that sets her apart. Her overarching theme revolves around the embodiment of a strong, intelligent businesswoman. This is beautifully mirrored in her color scheme of black, red, silver, and gold, symbolic of the business world. The dominance of red and black aligns with standard business terminology, while silver and gold subtly convey notions of wealth and prosperity.

This thematic coherence extends to her attire—a formal shirt paired with a sleeveless black blazer, complemented by black gloves and boots. The ensemble exudes a sense of uniformity, reinforcing Topaz's professional demeanor and adding a layer of sophistication to her character.

Her combat abilities seamlessly integrate with this theme, each skill bearing a name resonating with financial concepts: "Deficit," "Difficulty Paying?," "Proof of Debt," "Turn a Profit!," "Trotter Market!?", and "Explicit Subsidy." Notably, the inclusion of gold coins in skills like "Deficit," "Difficulty Paying?," and "Turn a Profit!" not only ties back to her theme but also signifies the financial impact of her actions.

The strategic choreography of her skills is a spectacle in itself. Initiating with "Proof of Debt" to mark an enemy, Topaz strategically buffs her follow-up attack through "Difficulty Paying?," intensifying the damage on her target. The crescendo comes with her ultimate, aptly named "Turn a Profit!" Visual elements, like the ascending line graph arrow, vividly illustrate the concept of increasing profits, synergizing with the combo of "Proof of Debt" and "Difficulty Paying?" to grant Numby a "Windfall Bonanza!" state. All of this culminates in her talent, "Trotter Market!?"—a follow-up attack where Numby enters the fray, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between Topaz and her warp trotter companion.

Her traces, bearing names like "Overdraft," "Financial Turmoil," and "Stronks Market," further anchor her character in the business realm. Even her eidolon, featuring terms like "Future Market," "Bona Fide Acquisition," and "Incentive Mechanism," contributes to this immersive thematic experience. The "Debtor" debuff inflicted by her eidolon "Future Market" adds an intriguing layer, reinforcing the financial consequences that echo throughout Topaz's kit.

This thematic cohesion isn't just a visual spectacle; it's a testament to the meticulous design that makes Topaz stand out in the diverse roster of "Honkai: Star Rail" characters. Personally, I appreciate this meticulous integration of theme and combat, creating a character that not only excels in battles but also tells a compelling visual story.

Forging a Personal Bond with Topaz

My journey with Topaz in "Honkai: Star Rail" wasn't just about observing a character; it was about discovering a multifaceted personality that left a lasting impression. The initial spark ignited when I encountered the "Trend of the Universal Market" light cone. Topaz's design exuded a unique blend of intelligence and elegance, prompting me to delve deeper into her story.

What truly solidified my fascination was her villainous debut in the "TGS 2023 Video: Grasp the Stars." As she overlooked Belobog with calculated poise, I found myself captivated by the aura of authority she exuded. It was a cinematic moment that hinted at layers of complexity within her character, sparking my curiosity and prompting me to explore her narrative further.

Moreover, Topaz's quotes resonated with me on a profound level.

  • Money is a means, not an end. Work should make you happy... That's the most fundamental principle.
  • A looming crisis can often lie hidden beneath the illusion of prosperity, unnoticed by many.
  • There are more important things than titles and ranks — finding the best solution is what matters most.
  • Differing views don't necessarily mean one person is right and the other is wrong.

Adding to this, I must express my admiration for Topaz's distinct personality. Her assertiveness, intelligence, and unexpected touch of empathy make her a character I genuinely enjoy. The way her voice-over brings this personality to life further enhances the gaming experience. The timbre of her voice and the nuances in her delivery add layers to her character, making every interaction a delight.

In the realm of "Honkai: Star Rail," Topaz's fashion choices, blending seamlessly with business aspects, caught my attention. Her mention of stocks in one of her daily messages resonated with me, mirroring my own interest in the world of stocks. This intersection of her virtual identity and my real-world interests creates a unique connection, making Topaz not just a character but a relatable and intriguing figure in my gaming experience.

Parallels with Other Characters

Drawing parallels between characters from different narratives can deepen our understanding and appreciation of their traits. Topaz from "Honkai: Star Rail" shares intriguing similarities with characters from other works, showcasing common themes of business acumen, economics, and decision-making. Let's explore how Topaz aligns with Kraft Lawrence and Holo from "Spice and Wolf" and Shirojiro Bertoni from "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere."

Kraft Lawrence and Holo (Horo) - "Spice and Wolf"

In "Spice and Wolf," Kraft Lawrence is a traveling merchant, and Holo is a wise wolf deity who aids Lawrence in his trade ventures. Similarly, Topaz shares a dynamic with Numby, her sidekick warp trotter, where Topaz is a knowledgeable and intelligent figure, and Numby plays a supportive role.

Both sets of characters exist in narratives heavily centered around economics and trade. "Spice and Wolf" explores the intricacies of medieval commerce, drawing parallels to Topaz's role as a high-level manager in the strategic investment department of the Interastral Peace Corporation. Along with the "Simulated Market" is very similar to what Lawrence does on a daily.

Topaz in Simulated Market

While Holo and Numby both serve as helpful companions, the dynamics are different. Holo often challenges Lawrence with her wit and wisdom, while Numby appears to be more of a lucky pet for Topaz.

Shirojiro Bertoni - "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere"

Shirojiro Bertoni, like Topaz, was a successful merchant at an early age. Both characters showcase exceptional skills in economics and decision-making related to financial matters. This success adds a layer of similarity to their character profiles.

Topaz's combat abilities and Shirojiro's abilities both have a connection to wealth. Topaz's skills are named after business terms, and her ultimate revolves around increasing profits, while Shirojiro's abilities are linked to the amount of money he possesses.

Numby, Topaz's warp trotter and the god of commerce accompanying Shirojiro serve similar roles as companions. Additionally, both characters have devices that allow them to analyze and monitor economic situations in their respective worlds.

Character Conclusion

By drawing these comparisons, it becomes evident that Topaz shares thematic and character similarities with key figures from "Spice and Wolf" and "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere." These parallels deepen the appreciation for Topaz's character, showcasing her as a multifaceted individual within the context of "Honkai: Star Rail."

In Conclusion

In the celestial tapestry of Honkai: Star Rail, Topaz emerges as a constellation of brilliance, weaving together intelligence, empathy, and a unique set of principles. From the humble origins of her planetary birthplace to the commanding heights of the Interastral Peace Corporation, Topaz's journey reflects a character nuanced with depth and resilience.

As we've traversed through the layers of Topaz's character, we've witnessed her intellectual prowess, work ethic, and unexpected empathy as a debt collector. Beyond the confines of her corporate role, Topaz's interactions with her companion Numby and the poignant farewell gesture to Dvorski reveal a character that defies the stereotypes of a detached corporate figure.

Topaz's influence on the narrative, while not central, adds a dynamic layer to the unfolding story of Belobog. Her connections, both professional and personal, hint at a character whose impact may ripple through the cosmos in unforeseen ways.

The thematic underpinning of Topaz as a strong, intelligent businesswoman resonates not only in her character design but also in her combat abilities, trace names, and eidolon associations. The fusion of business elements with personal passions, such as her love for animals, crafts a character that transcends the boundaries of the corporate world.

In drawing parallels with characters from other narratives—Kraft Lawrence and Holo from "Spice and Wolf" and Shirojiro Bertoni from "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere"—Topaz further solidifies her place as a multifaceted and compelling figure within the vast cosmos of gaming.

As we conclude this cosmic exploration, Topaz stands as a beacon of complexity, defying expectations and leaving an indelible mark on the expansive canvas of Honkai: Star Rail. Her journey, though ongoing, beckons us to appreciate the richness of character design and storytelling within the immersive universe of this captivating game.

May Topaz's constellation continue to gleam brightly in the cosmic expanse, inviting players to delve deeper into the nuanced narrative and character dynamics of Honkai: Star Rail.

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