Captivated by Miss Fortune: Unraveling the Journey to Bounty Hunter's Glory

November 26, 2023


Venturing into the dynamic realm of League of Legends, I am captivated by the intriguing narratives of champions—each possessing distinct tales and formidable skills. Amidst this varied lineup, a particular champion holds a special spot in my digital affections: Miss Fortune, the unstoppable Bounty Hunter. This blog post marks my initial foray into the lore, gameplay, and personal bond that render Miss Fortune an extraordinary and meaningful character in the Bilgewater universe.

Lore of Miss Fortune

Sarah Fortune, daughter of the renowned gun-dame Abigale Fortune, inherited a legacy of craftsmanship and skill. Abigale's custom pistols were sought after by wealthy captains, but tragedy struck when Gangplank, the ruthless reaver king, demanded a pair of unique firearms. Abigale, seeing the darkness within Gangplank, refused, and paid a heavy price.

In a grim turn of events, Gangplank, masked and determined, returned a year later. Abigale's refusal had ignited his fury, leading him to use the very guns she crafted against her, her husband, and her daughter Sarah. The family home was reduced to ashes, but Sarah miraculously survived, waking with grave wounds and two pistols clutched in her hands.

Haunted by nightmares and fueled by a burning desire for vengeance, Sarah rebuilt her mother's pistols. As she unraveled the identity of her family's murderer, she discovered Gangplank's role in the tragedy. But for her, it was not just about revenge; it was about restoring justice to a lawless Bilgewater.

With two pistols at her side, she became a relentless force, taking on bounties and leaving a trail of justice in her wake. It took only a week for her to establish a fearsome reputation in Bilgewater as "Miss Fortune," a name that struck fear into the hearts of those with the misfortune to be on her hit list.

As time marched forward, the tales of Miss Fortune's daring exploits became legendary, each narrative more extravagant than the previous. She submerged the leader of the Silk-Knife Corsairs in a barrel filled with his ill-gotten rum, commandeered the Syren from a captain who discovered firsthand the consequences of defying her, and pursued the deranged Doxy-Ripper to his lair within the cavernous belly of a partially dismembered leviathan, ultimately dispatching him with a well-aimed shot as he desperately fled.

But even with her growing legend, confronting Gangplank head-on proved to be a challenge. His Jagged Hooks crew made him too powerful to take down single-handedly. Realizing that merely killing him wouldn't be enough to right the wrongs of her past, Miss Fortune gathered a small but loyal group of allies.

In a bold move, she went all in against Gangplank. Bilgewater witnessed his ship, the Dead Pool, blown to flaming wreckage in the harbor, leading to his overthrow as king. This was precisely as Miss Fortune had planned.

With Gangplank gone, chaos erupted as rival captains vied for control of the city. Civilians were caught in the crossfire, prompting Miss Fortune to reluctantly step up as the captain of the Syren and her crew. She worked to establish an uneasy truce between the warring factions, though she knew it was not a permanent solution.

Gameplay for Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's gameplay mirrors the intensity of her journey. Armed with her dual pistols, she unleashes a barrage of bullets on her foes. Her ultimate ability, Bullet Time, becomes a symphony of destruction, echoing the relentless pursuit of her vendetta. Playing as Miss Fortune feels like embodying the resilience and determination of a Bounty Hunter, navigating the chaotic seas of Bilgewater.

I particularly enjoy her gameplay mechanics. The skill "Double Up" allows me to strategically eliminate minions, dealing extra damage to an enemy player when timed well or lucking out with the second strike hitting an enemy's ally. The synergy with her passive, "Love Tap," adds a beautiful layer to "Double Up." Additionally, her "Strut" skill, boosting movement speed when not attacked and providing bonus attack speed when activated, addresses her mobility and attack speed needs.

However, my favorite aspect is her ultimate, "Bullet Time," a skill that can turn the tides of a team fight with its relentless barrage of bullets. It's the culmination of her journey, a crescendo that resonates with the power and determination she embodies.

Memorable Moments of Miss Fortune

One of the most memorable moments in Miss Fortune's history is the event that marked Gangplank's downfall—Burning Tides. This event not only showcased her relentless pursuit of justice but also brought significant updates to other Bilgewater characters' lore, including Twisted Fate and Graves. Gangplank was even disabled during part of the event, and players received a free Captain Fortune skin in the game. The narrative, the challenges, and the camaraderie during Burning Tides make it one of my top favorite events in League of Legends history.

Graves and Twisted Fate fighting in front of Miss Fortune

Another standout moment is the video "Miss Fortune: Surrender," where she single-handedly took out a ship crew, showcasing her as a true badass. Additionally, the video "Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater | Double-Double Cross" features Miss Fortune in a gunfight with Graves as she captures Twisted Fate. Despite losing the moment Graves frees Twisted Fate, they both end up caught in their own infighting. She only captures them to arrange a swap for her captured crewmate. After the swap, she sneaks one of Twisted Fate's cards into their prison box to escape their newfound fate.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, being an older champion, boasts an extensive array of skins. Some of my favorites include Arcade, Star Guardian, Gun Goddess, Bewitching, Ruined, and Battle Bunny. Gun Goddess Skin had its own animated video named "Payback is a Goddess." She was also part of the significant ADC rework during the Sixth Ranked Season, showcased in patch V5.22.

As mentioned in Zyra's blog during Season Six, the World's Final match between Rox and SKT1 featured an unexpected combo that took out Zyra support—Miss Fortune Support and Ashe ADC. This unanticipated strategy, referred to as God tier, left a lasting impression on the League community.

Personal Connection

In the vast digital realm of League of Legends, among the myriad of champions, Miss Fortune, known as The Bounty Hunter, Queen of Bilgewater, and Captain Fortune, has become more than just a character on the screen. She embodies a spirit that resonates with my own journey—a journey marked by resilience, determination, and the pursuit of personal growth.

Miss Fortune's story, shaped by tragedy and loss, mirrors the transformative power of rising above adversity through hard work and an unyielding will. In my own life, while I may have a milder take on vengeance, I understand the yearning for justice and the dedication to overcoming obstacles. Miss Fortune's alias, The Bounty Hunter, reflects not just a pursuit of retribution, but a relentless quest for personal redemption and triumph.

Her ultimate ability, "Bullet Time," holds a special place in my connection to Miss Fortune. In the chaos of battle, this skill symbolizes the power to change the tide—a resonant metaphor for facing life's challenges. The ability to unleash a storm of bullets, altering the course of a skirmish or team fight, mirrors the potential within each of us to alter the trajectory of our own narratives.

She is a character whose journey reflects the essence of my own aspirations. She's not just pixels on the screen; she's a digital companion, a symbol of empowerment, and a reminder that, like The Bounty Hunter herself, we have the capacity to rise above challenges, change the tide of our battles, and emerge victorious.

Why I Like Miss Fortune

In the diverse tapestry of League of Legends champions, Miss Fortune emerges as a personal favorite for a variety of reasons, each contributing to a gaming experience that resonates with my preferences and style.

Aesthetic Appeal: A Bounty Hunter Ship Captain with a Flair

To begin, I can't overlook the aesthetic allure of Miss Fortune. Her portrayal as a buxom, pirate-like character with vibrant red hair strikes a chord with my personal taste. The resemblance to Francis Drake from Fate/Grand Order, albeit with pink hair, further solidifies her image as a badass ship captain, adding an extra layer of appeal.

Miss Fortune in Ruined King

Simple yet Effective Gameplay: Tactical Brilliance in Simplicity

One of the primary reasons for my fondness for Miss Fortune lies in the simplicity and effectiveness of her gameplay kit. The ability to skillfully bounce bullets in the lane, coupled with the strategic zoning power of "Make It Rain," provides a satisfying and straightforward approach to combat. Her ultimate ability, a literal game-changer, allows for the exhilarating experience of turning the tides of battle with a barrage of bullets.

A Quotable Persona: Wisdom in Words

Miss Fortune's iconic quote, "The bigger the risk, the bigger the bounty," encapsulates a wisdom that transcends the digital battlefield. It not only adds depth to her character but also serves as a mantra that resonates with my own approach to challenges. Furthermore, her name itself is a clever play on words, intertwining misfortune with the pursuit of bounty—a subtle nod to the dualities inherent in her character.

Skins as an Expression of Style: Personalizing the Experience

The selection of skins adds an extra layer of enjoyment to my Miss Fortune experience. Whether I'm unleashing havoc in the Arcade skin or exuding a hauntingly powerful aura in the Ruined skin, each choice becomes a form of self-expression within the digital realm. Miss Fortune's extensive wardrobe of skins allows me to tailor her appearance to my liking, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

“Double-Double Cross” in Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater

An additional element that enhances my admiration for Miss Fortune is her captivating appearance in "Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater | Double-Double Cross." This cinematic portrayal further brings her character to life, showcasing her in a thrilling gunfight with Graves as she captures Twisted Fate. The intricate storytelling and dynamic visuals in this tale add another layer to my overall connection with the character.

Overall Connection

In essence, my fondness for Miss Fortune extends beyond her in-game capabilities. It's a combination of her aesthetic appeal, simple yet effective gameplay, memorable quotes, and a versatile selection of skins that collectively create a gaming experience tailored to my preferences. Miss Fortune isn't just a champion; she's a dynamic and captivating persona within the League of Legends universe, offering a blend of style and substance that keeps me anchored in the immersive world of Bilgewater.


Moreover, as her story unfolds not only in the Summoner's Rift but also in the turn-based RPG adventure of the Ruined King game set in Bilgewater, Miss Fortune's presence solidifies her as a central figure in the rich tapestry of the League of Legends universe.

Miss Fortune and Illaoi in Ruined King

In the ever-expanding realm of League of Legends, Miss Fortune's story stands out as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. The updated lore adds new layers to her character, making her journey from tragedy to triumph even more compelling. Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter, continues to inspire players with her resilience, determination, and the pursuit of justice that defines her legacy in the turbulent waters of Bilgewater.

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