Thoughts on 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket for Blue Archive

July 15, 2023


Blue Archive recently introduced the 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket, a mechanic similar to Fate/Grand Order's Guaranteed Summon. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this feature and discuss its implications based on the shop notice on 6/27/23.

The 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket and its Contents

The 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket comes as part of a lucky pouch pack, which also includes Advanced Enhancement Stones, Advanced Activity Reports, Gift Choice Boxes, and Credit Points. The first nine rolls in the pack function normally, offering a chance of obtaining 1★ to 3★ students, while the tenth roll guarantees a 3★ student. Unfortunately, one notable issue is the lack of a visual display for all the available students, which I found rather perplexing so I created one myself which is below.

List of 3★ Student Guaranteed For 6/27/23 to 8/1/23

Low Probability of Obtaining Desired Characters

The biggest concern with this feature is the vast number of students in the roll. This results in an extremely low chance of getting a specific character, with a mere 1/64 probability, equivalent to roughly 1.5%. This low probability greatly diminishes the appeal of the 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket.

Suggested Improvement

In my opinion, it would be beneficial for Blue Archive to adopt a system akin to Fate/Grand Order's Guaranteed Summon. This would involve dividing the strikers into separate tickets for each damage type and giving specials their own tickets as well. Further segmentation by damage type might also be considered. Such an approach would significantly increase the odds of players obtaining the characters they desire, as opposed to the current 1.5% chance.


Due to the low odds of obtaining desired characters, I generally advise against purchasing the lucky pouch pack containing the 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket, unless you are just starting the game and have a few students already. However, if you are specifically aiming for Eleph and Eligma, this pack might be worth considering, though there is still the risk of not getting the characters you truly want.

Overall, I believe that the 3★ Student Guaranteed Ticket could be enhanced to provide players with a more satisfying and rewarding experience. By re-evaluating the probabilities or adopting a system similar to Fate/Grand Order, Blue Archive could greatly improve this feature and further engage its player base.

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