Is the 2-Week AP Pack Worth It?

December 1, 2023


Blue Archives, like many modern gacha games, offers various microtransactions. In this analysis, we'll delve into the value of the "2-Week AP Pack" to assess its practicality and benefits.

2-Week AP Pack

What's Included in the 2-Week AP Pack and its Value?

In the 2-Week AP Pack, you receive 176 Pyroxenes upfront and 150 Action Points (AP) per day for two weeks at a cost of $2.99. It's essential to note that AP is the in-game currency used for various actions, while Pyroxenes are specifically for transactions like rolls in the gacha system. Currently, the game's maximum AP cap is 230. Over the two weeks, you accumulate a total of 2100 AP, equivalent to 210 hours of gameplay.

Comparatively, without the pack, a recharge of 120 AP costs 30 Pyroxenes. Simple math reveals that obtaining 150 AP would require approximately 37.5 Pyroxenes. Calculating the total AP gained from the pack, it translates to 525 Pyroxenes. The pack's worth in Pyroxenes is valued at 701, which is equivalent to $11.58. It's important to consider that the lowest Pyroxene bundle, priced at $0.99 for 60 Pyroxenes, is around 11.7 times more expensive than what you'd need for the pack. Additionally, there are monthly Pyroxene purchase options, with the most economical providing 246.19 Pyroxenes per dollar, costing $2.85 for the equivalent of 701 Pyroxenes. The next option, available three times per month, offers 203.11 Pyroxenes per dollar, amounting to $3.45 for 701 Pyroxenes.

Buy Pyroxenes 1x and 3x per Month for $64.99
Buy Pyroxenes for $0.99

Why would I buy this pack?

There are several reasons to consider purchasing the 2-Week AP Pack. During double drop events and other in-game activities, having additional AP significantly enhances its value. Events, such as the "Dragon & Tortoise ~ Working Together for a Better Future ~," where event drops are essential, can be more rewarding with the increased AP provided by the pack. Manual AP refills, an alternative, have a cap of 20 and a price increase every third refuel. This makes the pack more cost-effective for such occasions.

Purchase AP

Moreover, for new players, the pack accelerates leveling up, as every AP spent equals one experience point. This aids in reaching the maximum level swiftly, along with acquiring resources to enhance student characters.


Considering your financial situation, the 2-Week AP Pack for Blue Archives proves to be a practical expenditure. The value may vary depending on the specific purchase options available, but overall, the gains from the pack are commendable for the price. It's also a modest way to support Blue Archives.

Disclosure Reminder

I want to emphasize that I have no affiliation with Blue Archives or its developers. This analysis is purely for informational purposes and reflects my personal insights as a player. Prices and in-game features may change, so please verify the information and consider your own preferences before making any in-game purchases. Your support for Blue Archives is appreciated, and I hope you find this analysis helpful!

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