Why Is Being Able to Three Turn in Fate/GO Lotto Important?

August 13, 2023


Why is it more important to be able to three turn for a Fate/Grand Order Lotto Event than just trying to just do maximum efficiency? I will explain the significance of three turning during Fate/Grand Order Lotto events.

Lotto Events

For Fate/Grand Order, the lotto events are broken up into small story quests, quests, and challenging quests. The quests that drop materials and event currency may change over time but everything to clear once normally shouldn't will not cost AP. But the lotto event has special mechanics in which you can spend special currency for a roll of items in a box for other materials or special drops. When you get something from the box it removes it from the pool of the box.

These are the key points of the box. Either you get the special drop or empty the box you will get the option to start a new box. After the 10th box, the drops of the box will change. Boxes will have a lot of Quantum Piece (QP) to spend on leveling the character's exp and skills, a lot of character experience cards to level up characters, Mana Prism to spend in Da Vinci's Workshop, and also drop materials for leveling up skills and character ascension.

Everything farmed from a box is way cheaper combined together than just farmed normally in the game. To get the maximum benefit, you should try to open as many boxes as you can. Doing this will strengthen your character on account to face stronger challenges down the road.

Event CEs and Strategies

The event will also have CEs to increase the drops. Like Grand Nero Festival ~Summer 2023~ event which has "Cheer for Master" CE that you can equip to your servants to increase the drop rate of the event currency named Crimson Petals. The event will also have CEs to increase character damage which can help you clear a quest if you are having issues like "Divine Three-Legged Race" CE which during the event increases damage by Damage +100% and if you have it max will gain Damage +200% but will not increase currency drops. The increased damage CE is also very useful for the challenge quest as they could be difficult.

Three Turn or Optimized Run

Most quests can have varying amounts of waves to clear but the materials for the lotto drop normally has three waves. The optimized run is to all characters equipped with event CEs that have currency increase drop rate so it will maximize the drops.

Now the issue that comes up is how long will it take you to clear the quest. Because it is three waves the minimum is three turns so anything longer means your spend more time clearing it. So if clearing a quest takes you 6 or 9 turns it would mean you are using the time you could have been doing it in three turns. It may cost you less AP to gain event material not three turning because you cannot clear it with full CEs but the goal here is to open as many boxes as possible as there is no limit to boxes open but there is a time limit to how much you do the event. For example, if it takes you 9 turns to complete the quest at max CEs but with one or two fewer CE complete it in 3 turns overall in the same time frame you should gain more event currency. This will lead to opening more boxes in the event time frame.

Three Turn Setup for Fate/GO

So you should use the Golden Apple, Silver Apple, and Copper Apple you have been saving. This way you can blaze through the quest over and over to gain more materials to open boxes. The only time 3 turns could be worst is that you do not have a lot of apples in the first place.


In conclusion, to optimize a lotto event, it's advisable to aim for a three turning the quest unless you have a limited number of apples available. While doing the event you should plan out what character to level up which can include the character that can help you three turn the quest. If you do not have a lot of apples, I would still use them all up for this event as most other events do not require extra AP to clear if you do them daily.

You could also start using Saint Quartz to gain more AP after you run out per day but I personally do not like going this route as I will always prefer using Saint Quartz to roll on characters. At the end of the day, it will always be you who pick how to spend your time at the event.

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