Unmasking the Shadows: Mimikyu Is a Metaphor for AI's Enigmatic Nature

June 30, 2023

For me, Mimikyu can be a metaphor for AI. Below will go into more deals and why I think so.

Mimikyu: Cloaked Appearance

Mimikyu, a Pokémon introduced in Generation VII, wears a disguise to mimic Pikachu. Because it is a rag in the shape and color of Pikachu and not the real thing, it gives off a creepy vibe instead. This gives off a similar idea of chat or conversational AI to which you can add a face but not sure what is underneath the mask.

AI: Mysterious Presence

As time progress, AI is getting better and better. AI would be able to do a vairy amount of tasks from being voice assistants, autonomous vehicles, and simple to complex tasks. Neural networks model that most newer AI runs on we are not totally sure how it gets to its answers which gives off a mysterious feel like Mimikyu.

Mimikyu Is a Metaphor for AI

Yearning for Acceptance

A lonely Pokemon is what Mimkyu as they mimic Pikachu because of Pikachu's popularity. Mimkyu tries its best to get the rags looking right so that may get closer to people and other Pokemon. Mimkyu is stuck in the uncanny valley which AI can fall into. Like Chat AI can give human-like responses but is not fully out of the uncanny valley as AI can give some unhinged responses from time to time. Over time people working on AI will try to get the AI in the sweet spot out of the valley.

AI's Impact on Society

Because of what AI does it is expected that in the future, AI and robots will take a lot of jobs. Which will displace a lot of people based on their profession or weed out the bottom of the field. Another issue is the ethical part of what the AI is trained on. Take for example AI art generation, AI models can be trained on copyrighted works and some models are purely trained to copy someone's unique style which takes years to learn. Last, of all, is privacy as AI can some point can track if linked to many systems. If connected with a large array of camera systems and the internet, AI may be able to track someone's movements at all times. The benefits are that AI can cut down on time, manpower, and along with AI can be created into a companion or virtual assist.

Unveiling the Truth

Mention in the description of Mimikyu, if someone looks under Mimikyu rags they could be overwhelmed by terror and die. This can give off the similar idea that AI may take over the world or kill all humans if we are not too careful.

Embracing AI: The Role of Education and Awareness

No one knows what the future holds but new ideas should be explored not hidden way. But we should create guard rails as this technology could have endless possibilities. With endless possibilities, people should educate themself on technology or be left behind. Though AI can also be miss used for example people are using AI voices for scams.


The reason why I think Mimikyu is a metaphor for newer AI is the idea of AI becoming more human-like along with the hidden unknown underneath. The image used above is from "Sad Mimikyu!".

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