The Beginning

June 17, 2023

I am not sure how I should start this. As for my very post, I think I should just list off my goals and reason for why I am starting a website blog once again.

The reason is probably to have this site as a beacon of my ideas to push forward everything I would want to do. As currently it feels like I am hitting some wall or ceiling as everything feels like I am just looping to the same result. I would want to branch out to do other things than what I am currently doing so starting this blog may be just the start of this.

This blog's overall goal is to push my ideas into a tangible form. I know I could always do youtube but I am currently not very sure I want to voice out my thoughts to the world as few videos I have done feel a bit lacking. The topics for the blog I want to touch on are mostly going to be my interest which currently Video Games, Anime, Manga, Game Design, and AI. Down the road, there may be more but for now, those will be the main areas.

For now, my goal is to try to push out a few blogs per week and see how far that gets me alongside with few other projects I have been working on. One of my current projects is creating an overlay for streaming for Twitch in Unity3d but currently, I am stuck at one part of the build. After this, I would want to start making a game again with new AI features that will be coming out soon. Along with improving my skills in all areas.

Now to start something once again to see how far it goes once again.

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